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TheSoudnWell 4Senses Chill-OUT Space

We create  4Senses Chill-Out

How do you generate an inspiring, uplifting and mesmerizing  inside out atmosphere which not only calms your body mind and spirit but elevates a better mood and inner joy?

Its not a secret that by adding more senses to an experience – our perception becomes richer and positively impacts the multilevel dimensions of our beings.

A wow experience does not need to be loud in high decibels or flashing lights.  On the contrary.


We create an atmosphere which is based on gentle power of harmony and attunement of inner systems.

You smell essential oils, you view nature scenes,
you hear inspiring music, you feel sonic inner body massage
you perceive serenity and inner balance. 

4Senses Chill-Out Space invites you to enter  a soothing temple of tranquility.

You feel and sense as if you are hugged from within.

Impactful Visuals

Smart TV, large screen,   VR headsets

Blue Light

Inspiring Music

streaming nature music, meditation music , classics / jazz 

Magnetizing  aroma

Essential oils / Incense


vibroacoustic therapy soft inner body massage

You lie on a mat or a recliner or a sound bath weighted blanket, you feel soft inner body massage rinsing every organ, tissue and cell

smadar on recliner.jpg
Either you wish to create a 4Senses Chill-Out environment for an event – tradeshow, conference or corporate celebration, or you wish to have a permanent 4Sensense Chill-Out space in your SPA, rehab, library, academia, airport or home, we will customize and fit our solutions to your needs and budget.
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