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Music Mattress -
TheSoundWell Sound Mattress

Price: $2900


TheSoundWell Sound Mattress connects easily to a provided amplifier.  It enables you to feel and hear the music simultaneously as you stream it from external resources (YouTube). It also includes a tablet with the original Vibroacoustic therapy kit of Olav Skille’s 7 low sound frequencies which help balance mental, physical and emotional system and reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiey and boost vitality in s soothing and effortless way

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Speakers: 4 low sound frequency transducers

2 full range main vibration music speaker to stream music from YouTube or other resource and built in low sound frequency

Tablet + Amplifier

Size- 27”width X4" thick x 74" long. 

Color: Light Green

Warranty: One Year

Case Material:


STAPH-CHEK 20 - Healthcare Fabric
* Fluid proof                  * Non-Allergenic
* Bacteria Resistant      * Antistatic
* Fire Resistant              * Easy Maintenance
* Stain/Tear Resistant   * Economical
* Self-deodorizing          * Comfortable

Fire Ratings:

STAPH-CHECK 20 is flame retardant in accordance with the following standards:
* The California State Fire Marshall
* NY City Board of Standards and Appeals
* National Fire Protection Association
* Federal Department of Transportation
* Cigarette Ignition (16FCR, Part 1632) Class A Barrier

 Warranty: One year 

Instructions and cable. + Vibroacoustic Therapy eBook + 7 low sound frequencies

$2900 + shipping  costs

1. Full Body vibroacoustic mattress.

2. Permeates your whole body with stimulating and soothing sound vibrations.

3. Can be used on flat and adjustable beds.

4.  Olav Skille  (The inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy )Original 7 low sound frequencies included in a tablet.


§ Relaxation

§ Individual Stress Reduction

§ Pain management

§ Calming restless behavior

§ Physical and auditory stimulation

§ Tuning the body vibrational energy system


Disclaimer: TheSoudnWell Vibroacoustic Therapy equipment are wellness platforms as part of music therapy and sound healing modalities

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