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Sensory & SilentSound Spaces

Sense, feel, think, perceive, create, learn, balance,  relax,  enjoy...
price for a sensory pod $20,000

What if you had  spaces in your school, rehab, nursing home or workplace, in which you could stimulate your senses, be creative, move your body, and learn through play?

Then, relax, balance your systems, calm your body, clear your mind and recharge vitality         before getting back to your regular daily activities?


What if you could create such spaces in your place ?

sensory rooms.png

No matter 

who we are

Happy Children

No matter  what we do.

We all

like to




move our bodies,

Kid Painting

and manifest our creativity.

In a Sensory


we enjoy our


sensory room in miami airport.png

We rewire our brains, we expand the input of data, information and knowledge in a playful explorative learning.

No matter

our age

or gender

Adult Ballet Class

Our skills , culture or religion.

We all

need and enjoy  calming

our bodies,

clearing our minds.

Breathing Meditation

In addition, we  recharge vitality to improve performance and communication, reduce stress and empower our immune system.

In a SilentSound Space

we sink  into deep serenity.

We  balance

inner systems

Listening to Music

We vibrate harmonically every organ, tissue and cell with sonic inner body massage vibroacoustic therapy. 

What's behind
6S: Sensory & SilentSound Spaces

Wish to create 6S in your place ?
Download and fill the following questionnaire and let's talk.
Or fill the electronic form below

What type  of space would you like to have?
What is your budget?
How many individuals will use the space simultaneously
Do you have a dedicated space?
Would you like to have a vibrating floor?
Would you like to incude the following Vibroacustic therapy equipmet?
What is important for you - in the content, design & activities in yor sesory room?
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Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

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