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Creating a SilentSoundSpace in a Museum

Exploring and experimenting the nature of sound can take us into multiple directions:


The physics of Sound,

The Creative side,

The Therapeutic side

The Museum with its space, budget and targeted audiences, can create customized experiential activities and delivering of information and knowledge in a multimedia way.


Here are topics to consider when giving time and attention to sound:
visual  electromagnetic spectrum

Sound Range

vibroacoustic therapy range
vibroacoustic therapy systems.png

What is a SilentSoundSpace and how is it connected to reducing noise and stress within us and calibrating our inner systems with inner harmony

Possible activities:

- Attunement spaces
- Sound & Nature
- Your body as a speaker- feel music you love from within
- Create your own sonic pet - a workshop

let's dialogue about what type of SilentSoundSpace you would like to have

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