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About Us

We - TheSoundWell represent the original vibroacoustic therapy invented by Olav Skille from Nordic countries. 


It all started when Skille was playing his bass in front of disabled children and he noticed the positive impact of the low sound vibrations on reduction of deep tissues tension and stress. 

Skille with his rare knowledge of Pythagoras harmony of sound and music, composed different low sound frequencies which help balance mental, emotional and physical systems and help reduce pain and stress in different parts of the body.

Skille perceived  his vibroacoustic therapy systems  streaming the harmonic low sound frequencies  as ways to optimize the usage of energy and attune inner systems.


I am Avigaili Berg, owner of TheSoundWell

We specialize in creating sonic ergonomic vibroacoustic therapy in pets, pillows, bean bags, mats, massage tables, sound bath weighted blankets  and horse blankets.

We also consult how to create SilentSoundSpace to recharge vitality and reduce stress in a workplace.

Olav Skille founder of vibroacoustic therapy
panda on  a vibroacoustic therapy beanbag max

We train therapists and care givers how to blend vibroacoustic therapy with wellness life style to increase life quality for employees, and all family members.

avigail  berg - founder of TheSoundWell
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