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Body Pillow
TheSoundwell Yogibo Max

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Price: $2400


The Yogibo Max is the only furniture on the market to fully conform to the user's body with zero pressure points.

The Yogibo Max is our flagship item, the most popular, well-known product we've made! It's not only an incredibly comfy, versatile bean bag chair but also a bean bag recliner, bean bag couch, AND bed!
So many possibilities! The Yogibo Max is perfect for long gaming sessions, movie nights, afternoons with a good book, or an extra-comfy bed.

It is also perfect as a therapeutic sofa in which  a client can feel comfortable and secured as s/he sinks into the beans and position his/her body comfortably for a session. 


The near-frictionless beads and washable, interchangeable covers completely conform to your body, so you'll always find that particular comfy position. This also reduces pressure points and creates a "cocoon of coziness." This helps to make it perfect for pregnant women, individuals with back issues, and it's frequently used as a therapeutic piece for people with sensory processing issues. What're you waiting for? Get in on the awesomeness!


  • Fire Retardant

  • Replaceable covers are available

Vibroacoustic Therapy system components:

  1.  3 low sound frequency transducers

  2. 1 full range music speaker

  3. Amplifier

  4. Tablet with Olav Skille original  7 therapeutic frequencies

  5. Recommendation of nature sound music and healing healing music from YouTube

  6. Vibroacoustic Therapy eBook



Outer Cover: Cotton / Spandex Blend

Liner: Polyester / Spandex Blend

Fill: EPS Beads


Product Dimensions: 72 X 24 X 24 Inches
Product Weight: 19 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 46 X 25 X 25 Inches
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs


One Year warranty

The Body Pillow is a large, light weight "active" vibroacoustic cushion for positioning, calming hyperactivity, relaxing and entertaining.    It can be placed on any surface - soft as on a bed, or as hard as on the floor.  The vibrotactile effect remains the same wherever used.  It can accommodate one or two people at a time, sitting or lying down.



  • Relaxation

  • Positioning

  • Individual Stress reduction

  • Calming restless behavior

  • Physical and auditory stimulation

  • Tuning the body vibrational energy system

  • Making the mind-body connection

  • Music Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Recreational Therapy

  • Holistic health and alternative medicine practices.

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