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TheSoundwell Pillows & Vibrating Pads /Sleeves

About The Pillows /Pads /Sleeves:

TheSoundwell Pillows family are intended to relax and reduce stress.  There are different types of pillows for different purposes:

Hug Me Pillow - serves as emotional support and helps reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost vitality

Multifunctional Pillow - you can sit on or place in the back of your chair.

Built-in Vibrations - slim pillow you can place under a sofa or a recliner and turn it into a vibroacoustic therapy equipment.

Sound Foot Massage Roll- Place your feet on the pillow and get inner body massage which helps your blood circulation and gymnastic to the cells while you sit all day.

Customized Pillow- challenge us! - provide the specifications and we will create the best Vibroacoustic Therapy pillow for your needs.

The prices vary by size of each pillow.  The Pillows do not stream music, only vibrate with low sound frequencies  visit

hugme pillow vibroacoustic therapy
sound foot massage pillow
multifunctional vibroacoustic therapy pillow
built in vibrations under baby's matress.jpg

Vibrating Pads

Vibrating Pads
 The Vibrating Pads are intended to tone and dense muscles, detox and help bone health.
size= 27"X48"
embed 3 transducers, 1 full range music speaker.
price $1600
An amplifier is included
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