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Prices: $1920


The Multifunctional Sound-Bath Bag /Blanket is a great added experience and service to SPAs, Wellness Centers, Rehabs, Corporations and individuals that wish to experience  a self-lab of expansion of perception.

You may use it as a weighted blanket  together with sonic harmonic low sound frequencies. You receive 7 frequency and 2 codes to download the frequencies to your  mobile device - phone or tablet, together with rechargeable battery and an amplifier.

There are 6 built in transducers. 

2 full range speakers

-Blanket pillows cases (A duvet cover) should be purchased independently for sanitation in cases of multiple users)

Sound Bath Bag / Blanket/ Bed Pad

shani in a bag.png
prototype soundbath bag.png
soundbath weighted blanket.png
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